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About hobigames

HobiGames has been created by a group of gaming enthusiasts to deliver what players truly desire –

Online gaming lovers need to look no further. Here at Hobigames, you will find a perfectly curated selection of the best online games, from classic Indian favourites Rummy and Teen Patti and more game variations.

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Top Mobile Games

These are the famous online games you can play on your mobile anytime and anywhere.
And as we are all about delivering the best and top mobile game app experience online, you will be sure to find some of India’s most popular games right here at HobiGames, your top mobile game app in India 2022.


It is a card game, sometimes played with two decks, in which the players try to form sets & sequences of cards.

7 Up Down

It is a dice-based game. To win, you have to guess if the total on a pair of dice is equal to 7, above 7, or below 7.


It is a simple double-wheel roulette game that uses playing cards of J, Q, K and suits as symbols.

Teen Patti

It is a card game that originated in India and is also known as “three-cards” or “3 Patti”.

Dragon Tiger Game

It is a popular fast-paced action game among Asian gamers. The game is played with a conventional 52-card deck. 

Black Jack

A card game, also known as twenty-one or vingt-et-un, where players are handed cards that have a higher count than the dealer’s, up to a maximum of 21.


The word “roulette” is French for “small wheel,” and players can choose on a single number, several groups of numbers, the color red or black.

10 Cards

It is played similarly to classic rummy.  To keep the total number of cards in hand at 10, the player must simultaneously discard a card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We give direct to the point answers to all Hobigames FAQs and all things you need to know about Hobiagames. Suit yourself with questions with provided answers just for you.

Hobigames is the top mobile game app in India that allows the players to play various online games in 1 App. Download the Hobigames App now, register, & play with real players.

Yes, Hobigames is legit. You can receive various perks while playing multiple games in the App. It also has a tutorial in each game for you to learn how to play. You can also watch the hobigames YouTube channel for the video tutorials.
A wide variety of online games are available at license online game. Users can play various slot machines, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, dice, rummy, teen patti and other lottery activities. If you want to know how to play the games inside the Hobigames app, visit our official Youtube channel.

Hobigames is the safest and most secure and reliable online app. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward any fraudulent activity. Any user violating terms and conditions will instantly find his account suspended from Hobigames Team.

Hobigames, top mobile game app, ensures the confidentiality of its users and the security of their information at all times. All safety measures are taken concerning customer data and their transactions, and no data is ever shared with a third party by Hobigames.

Yes, the Hobigames, the top mobile game App is free to download. Just register, bind your number, and you can start playing with your family and friends.

Aside from being the top mobile gaming app in India, Hobigames endorses an authentic mobile game app and provides the most secure application on the market for real users to have fun safely and responsibly.

Built with state-of-the-art technology, Hobigames offers its real users only the best!

Also, this is the best gaming experience in the market and one of the hottest applications that offer great perks based on the players’ progress, thus making the process fair, honest, and most advantageous for the VIP members!

Our resourceful and dedicated Client Services team is also available 24*7 for any site.

Yes, Hobigames provides tutorials for each game like Dragon vs Tiger, Rummy, Teen Patti and many more! Visit our YouTube Channel now for more details.

The Hobigames, the top mobile game app is easy to navigate and use. Download the app today and start playing!

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